PET Molds

Faster Cycles, Better Preform Quality




Overall Tooling Features

  • 100% interchangeable with existing mold and hot runner platforms
  • Standard interface for water, air and electric connections
  • Fits into all major machine platforms including post mold cooling technologies with 1 to 4 position take offs

Cold Half Features

  • Universal mold design fits into other machines without the need for a retrofit kit
  • Patented iCOOL conformal cooling technology for reduced cycles, lower water consumption and improved dimensional stability
  • Long life stack designs for extended cycles between refurbishments
  • Patent pending Rapide quick part change option
  • Optical part detection
  • Precision stack components are produced centrally. The exchange and rework of the mold base is completed at a global MPET refurbishment center to reduce costs and downtime


  • The patented iCool mold stack technology provides more uniform and efficient cooling over the entire preform surface when compared to competitive systems.
  • Benefits of iCool
    • Reduced cycle times
    • Reduced water consumption
    • Increased water temperatures to eliminate the need for chiller tonnage and dehumidification
    • Improved dimensional stability
    • Longer mold and taper life
    • Lower energy consumption


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