High performance delivered with low energy consumption

* This product is not available in Americas, Europe, Asia.



Unique Prefill Cylinder Design

  • Fast Tonnage Built-up Time


Large Ram Diameter

  • Provides Uniform Force Distribution Across Platen
  • Provides Excellent Mould Squareness & Parallelism
  • Reduces Mould Wear


Generous Mould Space

  • Accommodates Large Moulds


Wide Skates for Platen Supports

  • Reduced Platen Deflection
  • Enganced Life of Tie-bars
  • Higher Mould Carrying Capacity


Closed Loop PID Temperature Control

  • Provides Precise Temperature Control
  • Excellent Process Control & Stability


Endura – II Advanced User-Friendly Control

  • Ergonomic Layout
  • High Speed Microprocessor
  • Direct Access Menu Keys
  • Graphical Presentation of Machine Features
  • Self Diagnostic & Fault Finding Capability
  • Parameter Entry in Absolute Value
  • Central Monitoring System
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC)


Twin Cylinder Injection Unit

  • Uniform Load Distribution Across Screw Center Line


Precise Linear Guideways

  • Frictionless Linear Bearing Guideways Improve The Injection Power & Cylinder Alignment


 Servo Motor

  • Outstanding Energy Saving
  • Faster Response towards Hydraulic System
  • Excellent Shot Weight Consistency
  • Reduced Noise Level



Hydron Servo 100

Hydron Servo 150

Hydron Servo 200

Hydron Servo 250

Hydron Servo 350

Hydron Servo 450


  • Hollow Headless Ram with Mono Seal & No Piston Rings
  • Large Prefill Design for Fast Tonnage Build Up
  • Rapid Traverse Cylinders
  • Proportional Speed Control
  • Proportional Speed Control with 5 Stage Closing and 5 Stage Opening Speed
  • Adjustable Moving Platen Skates
  • Rigid Cast Platens with FEA
  • Adjustable Pressure Setting of Closing & Opening Stage
  • Adjustable 2 Stage Mould Safety Pressure & 1 Stage Speed
  • Position Based Ramping for Accurate Position Switching
  • Precise speed and pressure control
  • Linear Position Transducer for Accurate Clamp Position Control
  • Sensitive Mould Protection With Try Again Circuit
  • Stage Wise Actual Time Display
  • Insert Moulding Program
  • Actual Tonnage Display on Screen


  • 6 Stage Injection Velocity & 15 Stage Injection Pressure Profile
  • 5 Stage Screw Speed & 5 Stage Back Pressure Control (Setting) through Screen
  • Digital Setting of Extruder RPM & Digital Read out of Actual RPM
  • Wide Choice of Injection Units with A’-A-B Screw/Barrel Combinations
  • Easy Injection Unit Swivelling
  • Switch Over from Fill to Pack Based on Position or Time
  • Linear Position Transducer for Accurate Injection Position Control
  • Injection Decompression Before / After Refilling or Both
  • Semi-Auto Purge, Cold Slug removal & Intrusion Moulding programs
  • Aluminium Chequered Plate below Purge Area
  • Sprue Break with Timer
  • Injection start, Suck-back & Melt Decompression – Delay Timer
  • Graphically Adjustable Alarm Bands for Injection Pressure
  • Sliding Hopper


  • 22 Parameter Monitoring for last 1000 cycles with Graphics
  • 4” TFT Color Display with Alpha – Numeric Keypad
  • Actual Injection Speed & Pressure Graph Display
  • 80 Mould Data Storage
  • Configurable Multilevel Password with Operator’s Name
  • Graphical Presentation of Hourly Production
  • Customized Setup Menu
  • High / Low Limit Display for Each Adjustable Parameter
  • I / 0 disgnosis – Analog & Digital
  • Timer precision in 0.01 second
  • Change Log Menu: logs last 100 Set Points Changes with Time & Date
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC) with Graphics
  • Process Mode: Functions with its Co-functions on a Single Key Press
  • Note pad & Maintenance Scheduling
  • Freely Programmable Smart Outputs
  • Overview Screen with Graphical Display of Machine Functions
  • Soft Keys for Fast Access of Select Menus
  • Auto shut down
  • Visual & Audible Alarm
  • 1000 Alarm History with Date & Time log
  • Printer Interface with USB Port
  • Axis wise Graphical Cycle Time Analysis
  • Batch counter with option to turn off the motor.
  • Mould data / Process data / Change log saving to External USB device.


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