Magna Vertical

Rotary, Shuttle and Stationary Table Designs


Magna V Rotary

Magna V vertical clamp machines bring you every advantage for insert molding, making it easy to combine two materials and reduce assembly costs. From encapsulation of delicate electronic parts to over molding of plastic on metal for diverse automotive applications, Magna V also offers a reduction in post-molding operations, saving time and money.

Milacron’s Magna V machines can be configured for every possible insert molding application by combining a wide range of clamp, table and injection unit configurations. Vertical clamps with horizontal tables let gravity gently and easily do the work of holding single or multiple inserts. Open clamp designs with rotary and shuttle tables give the advantage of working with multiple molds and simultaneous operations including pre-molding, injection and post-molding operation. Simultaneous operations are easily automated for consistent quality, high productivity and high profitability.




US Standard

Magna V Clamp Force Injection Size Range Clamp Stroke Max. Daylight Min. Mold Max. Mold Size Rotary Table Diameter Shuttle Stroke
Us Tons oz in in in in in in
30 30 0.73 – 6.04 7.5 14.0 6.5 8 x 12 39.0 19.25
50 50 0.73 – 6.04 13.0 19.0 6.0 10 x 16 48.0 23.03
80 80 2.27 – 11.9 14.5 22.0 7.5 12 x 18 54.7 26.45
130 130 3.51 – 28.0 15.0 25.0 10.0 16 x 20 58.0 33.5
200 200 3.51 – 28.0 15.0 25.0 10.0 16 x 20 58.0 33.5
280 280 11.0 – 34.0 23.5 35.0 11.5 24 x 32 77.0


Magna V Clamp Force Injection Size Range Clamp Stroke Max. Daylight Min. Mold Max. Mold Size Rotary Table Diameter Shuttle Stroke
kN g mm mm mm mm mm mm
30 27.2 20.7 – 171.4 190.5 355.6 165.0 203.2 x 203.2 991 489
50 45.5 20.7 – 171.4 330.2 482.6 152.4 254 x 406.4 1,219 592
80 72.7 64.4 – 337.4 368.0 558.8 190.5 304.8 x 457.2 1,390 926
130 117 99.5 – 794 381.0 635.0 254.0 406.4 x 508.0 1,473 926
200 180 99.5 – 794 381.0 635.0 254.0 406.4 x 508.0 1,473 851
280 254 311.0 – 1049 596.9 889.0 292.1 609.6 x 812.8 1,956




Open Clamp Design for Easy Production and Automation The clamp design is a robust vertical C-frame that is open in the front and on the sides.

  • No tie bars to interfere with inserts that extend beyond platens
  • Can use large rotary & shuttle tables for increased mold capacity with less floor space
  • Easy access for mold changing & plumbing
  • Easy access to molds for automation


Precision Control Technology For All Applications The MOSAIC Control is the high- performance control system that controls and communicates all machine functions and related parts producing processes. MOSAIC Control provides improved reliability, performance, and user- friendliness to keep your process in control.

  • Individual forward and retract manual movement keys for each axis.
  • Factory programmable buttons for added options.
  • Logical grouping and separation of the machine function and manual operator keys.
  • Swing-arm mount can be optimally positioned for each operator, allowing for an unobstructed view of the mold area.

Mosaic Control Features

  • 15 Inch Diagonal Screen
  • TFT Flat Panel
  • Touch Screen (Analog, Resistive) Dual Intel Processors
  • Swing Arm Mount
  • IP65 Protection (against dirt and contaminants)

Mosaic Operator Screen Features Screen layouts are clear, concise and easy to understand. Direct Group Access Keys for quick machine setup. Pop-up keyboards for data and text entry. Drop down selection boxes for choosing items from a list. Lighted On/Off buttons. Choice of Language and Units of Measurement. Mosaic Control Screen Displays Intuitive Operation Touch Screens 02intuitive-screens

  • Group Access Keys on the left margin
  • Special Function Keys on the right margin
  • Message Bar at top of screen displays the active alarm text or the current menu if no alarm exists
  • Status Bar at screen bottom provides a quick glance at the current status of critical machine parameters, including actual feedback from sensors, current cycle count and current logged-in user.

Setpoint Overview Screen 03overview-screen

  • Single screen for setting clamp, ejector, injection and extruder
  • Follows the configurations that are defined on the Primary Set Up tabs
  • Great for quick set-ups and adjustments
  • Improves operator set-up efficiency

Injection Set-Up Screens 10injection-set-up

  • Extruder functions
  • Injection setpoints
  • Pack & Hold setpoints
  • Sprue/Sled
  • Mold Gate options
  • Semi-Auto Purge options

Clamp Set-Up Screen 04clampsetup-screen Tonnage Mold Height Open and Close positions Ejector Air Eject Configurable I/O Screen 05configurable-screen

  • Ultimate flexibility for signal interfaces
  • Eight 24 Volt DC Input or Output signals
  • Signals are configured to Machine Cycle Status
  • 41 Output Cycle States and 14 Input Permissions
  • Configurable Pulse Timers for Inputs

Process Monitor Trend Graphics 06trend-graphics

  • Monitors trends on-line using trend graphics
  • Select from any on of the monitored variables (over 50 to select from)

Process Monitoring Screens 07process-monitoring

  • Track your process for consistency
  • High resolution times and position feedback
  • Selectable Alarm Bands
  • Choose up to 16 parameters from a list of over 50

Enhanced Process Graphics 08enhanced-process-graphics

  • Ability to display one or two graphs
  • Enables comparison to stored reference points
  • Easy to use Cursor Control and Zoom Control
  • Adjustable “Y” scaling

Graphical Injection Set-Up 09graphical-injection

  • Up to 10 segments of Injection Velocity
  • Transfer each segment on Position, Volume, Pressure or Time
  • Up to 10 Pack/Hold Pressure/Time/Velocity steps
  • Display either Hydraulic or Melt pressure
  • Graphic display of Pressure and Velocity actual values


Table Options Rotary Table

  • Multi-station flexibility for multiple operations to maximize productivity
  • Standard configurations available for 2 or 4 stations (mold bottoms) & custom for 3, 6 & other required numbers of stations
  • All-around light curtain allows for multiple operations around the table without guarding
  • Easy to automate several stations
  • Easy access for mold setup & operation

Stationary Table

  • Best for dedicated applications
  • Flexible to run a wide range of parts from simple to complex & for low volume applications or where multiple molds are not required

Shuttle Table

  • Simultaneously load/unload parts during molding using two mold bottoms
  • Ability to run long insert applications that are too long for rotary tables
  • Flexibility to run a single mold
  • Shuttle table is moved side-to-side by hydraulic cylinder with precise positioning through use of position sensors and mechanical stops

Vertical Clamp/Vertical Injection Models Available Existing tooling

  • Run on conventional horizontal

Hot runner molds

  • Concern with sprue break each cycle

Part design

  • Ability to inject into center of part
  • Use standard (horizontal) mold bases

No sprue break

  • Faster cycle times
  • Hot runner applications

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