DME Cavity & Core Components

With all of the time and effort that goes into the completion of mold cavities and cores, it only makes sense to use high-value DME cavity and core components from Milacron. A wide variety of mold dating inserts, recycling inserts, venting solutions and cavity protection and control components ensure that every mold cycle is executed like clockwork.



Milacron’s complete offering of DME Mold Dating Inserts – from Dual Ring and Double Indexable to Front Removable – ensures that product traceability is achieved with minimal effort. DME Recycling Inserts are easily installed and interchanged, and comply with SPI standards. To help prevent the occurrence of short shots and burned parts, DME Sintered Vents and Vortex Core Pins and Plugs save time in design, installation and maintenance while allowing trapped air or gas to escape from the mold cavity during the injection molding process. To prevent mold damage due to part ejection issues with deep-draw or thin-walled parts, DME Air Poppet Valves are designed to address vacuum problems often encountered in these types of applications. Cashew Gate Inserts enable small diameters in the gate area and improve part surface quality. They provide automatic separation of the runner from the part and their replacement ease maximizes uptime.








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