DME Molding Undercuts

Milacron has several mold components that maximize design and production efficiency when molding undercuts. From lifters and unscrewing devices to collapsible cores and expandable cavities, these products simplify design and reduce costs.



For the molding of products with threads, undercuts, protrusions or cut-outs, Milacron has a portfolio of components that simplify the production of challenging parts. UniLifter Systems and VectorForm Lifter Systems maximize design flexibility and offer off-the-shelf installation for most lifter applications. To assist in the production of plastic parts with internal protrusions, dimples, uninterrupted threads and external profiles, DME Collapsible Cores and Expandable Cavities are highly efficient solutions. Both products help simplify mold design, reduce maintenance costs, maximize cavities per mold, reduce cycle time and offer several other flexibility and performance benefits.







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