DME Plate and Pin Controls

Milacron has a complete line of DME mold components that optimize plate and pin functionality to achieve a wide range of benefits. Ranging from Helical Gear Stack Mold Systems and 2-Stage Ejectors to Internal Latch Locks, Limit Switches and Interlocks, an array of cost-effective solutions bring reliability, advanced engineering and outstanding performance to your molding operation.



Milacron’s decades of proven technological innovation in the plastics industry is further showcase in its line of DME products that control mold plates, ejector pins, leader pins and other critical components. Helical Gear Centering Devices are highly cost-effective solutions for increasing capacity in stack mold systems. DME 2-Stage Ejectors provide positive, precision control of two-stage ejection for many mold base sizes and plate thicknesses. Internal Latch Locks efficiently enable precision control of mold base latching operation. Accelerated Knock-Outs, Accelerated Ejectors and Early Ejector Return Assemblies are all designed to save time and money through simplified operation. Jiffy Latch-Lok Assemblies provide positive action to mechanically float plates while the externally mounted Toggle-Lok provides more space for cavities and slides while positively returning the ejector assembly before the mold completely closes. Other featured Milacron products that improve plate and pin functionality include a suite of Thinswitch Limit Switches (from liquid-resistance to high-temperature) and a robust selection of mold interlocks from Straight-Side and X-Style to Parting Line and Black and Gold.








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