Mold-Masters TempMaster SVG



Enhanced control of valve gate sequence for pneumatic or hydraulic systems. Adjust pin timing, sequence and position to improve mold balance and reduce or eliminate blemishes and weld lines typical with uncontrolled resin flow. Critical control when molding complex or large parts.

Photo of Mold-Masters TempMaster M2-SVG hot runner temperature controller

Precise Filling Control 

Operates from 1-48 valves simultaneously with up to 4 steps per cycle greatly improving control and part quality.

Large 7″ Intuitive Touch Screen HMI

Configurable Easy View status page and real time graphs makes process monitoring and changes quick and simple.

IMM Communication

Controller links the screw barrel position or timing; as well as gate timing, sequence, flow rate and temperature to ensure critical process control is maintained. Monitor valve status graph in real time.

Universal Compatibility

Easily connect to Fusion Series G2 or any other hydraulic or pneumatic valve gated system.

Additional Triggers

Digital and analog triggers for multi-shot applications.

Durable Industrial Design

Compact solid metal enclosure and heavy duty connectors for years of reliable operation.




Additional Info


  • 4.8m (15′) cable set, Quick Start Guide


  • Single or dual solenoid valves
  • Hydraulic or Pneumatic valve bank and power pack
  • Pneumatic valve bank and power pack
  • Up to 12 additional digital and analog triggers
  • Integrate TempMaster M2 hot runner temperature control featuring APS Technology.
  • NEW SVG Powerpack combines M2 Temp control, SVG, Hydraulic power pack and solenoid valve bank all in one package.
  • High end electric power or economy air power/energy saver available.

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