The Tirad brand is a Czech manufacturer of custom mold bases, plates, frames and other parts for injection molding and offers services in the following areas:

  • Complete production of mold bases
  • High accuracy CNC-machining of plates, frames and components for molds
  • Clamping plates, bearing plates, cavity plates and manifold plates for hot runners
  • Core fixing plates, stripper plates, rack plates, ejector retainer plates, insulator plates, rails and other high quality plates (in position accuracy +-0.01mm/1000mm (+-0.00039 inches) or diameters and pockets +-0.005mm) according to your drawings. The precise pocket depth can be finished up to 350mm.

All Tirad machines used for production are CNC-controlled.


Tirad machines steel for tools including alloyed steel (e.g. 1.2085 (X33CrS16), 1.2316 (X36CrMo17), RAMAX S (Uddeholm Sweden X36CrMo17), 1.2312 (40CrMnMoS8-6), 1.1730 (C45U; C45W) and many others.

In most cases we buy the material for the mold bases (at BÖHLER UDDEHOLM, SCHMOLZ AND BICKENBACH, KONTUR WERKZEUGSTAHL, DEW – Deutsche Edelstahlwerke and others) but customers are also able to supply their own material. We run a very accurate cutting operation which is why we prefer the delivery of 6-sided finely-milled blocks from suppliers or customers.

Drawings – Formats

We use electronic drawings and models in the following formats:

  • 2,5D-drawings in formats: dwg; dxf
  • 3D-models in native formats of Unigraphics/NX Siemens; PTC Creo/Pro-Engineer;  Parasolid or in common formats: X_T, STEP, VDA, IGES
  • We are only able to work from color 3D models (without any 2D drawings)

Maximum Dimensions

Max. dimension of one machined part:        2,300 x 1,600 x 1,000 mm (90 x 63 x 39 inches)
Max. weight of one machined part:               4,000 kg
Including gun deep drilling – with NC-dumper axis – up to 4 tons a workpiece, 1,500 mm depth of gun drilling from one side

Standard Production Process:

Mold Base Production – plates for plastic injection molds:

  • CAM programming
  • Gun drilling
  • Milling – roughing
  • Surface grinding
  • Milling – finishing
  • Manual operations, calibration, verification
  • 3D-coordinate measuring on machines up to 4,000 kg (3,000 x 1,500 mm; 118 x 59 inches)
  • Mold base assembly – possible if requested by the customer

Our Production Capacity

We are able to complete approx. 300 plates for multi-cavity injection molds per month (depending on their complexity)!
We offer 120,000 machine hours a year to our customers!
We do not produce complete injection molds, we specialize in mold plates production only, but in a very high accuracy.