“Clamp Pro” Tie Bar Bushing Assemblies

Clamp Rebuild Packages

“Maestro Lube” Central Manual Lube

Mold Cooling

Uniloy Platen Exchange Program

Conveying & Trimming

10039 & 10040 Replacement Parts

Actuating Swing Arms

Impact Trimmer Conversions

Plastic Trimmer Buckets

Swing Easy Swing Arms

Trimmer Platen Drive

Zephyr Cool Cooling Bed Fans

Impact Trimmer Automatic Platen Drive Chain Tensioner


Control Software Downloads


Compact Logix Controls

BR Controls

HMI Replacements

Removing Mercury

PLC & HMI Migration

Extruder Upgrade

30HP Vane to Piston Pump Conversion

8-Grooved Ball Splines

AC Variable Frequency Drive

Barrel and Screw Wear

Extended Shot Conversions

Hydraulic Filtration

Reducer Gear Boxes

Replacement Cooling Pumps, Motors, and Seal Kits

Rotary Grease Union

Shot Valve Upgrade

Uniloy R2000 Air Barrel Cooling Systems

UR Series High Output Screws

Extrusion Head

Angular Blow Pin Adjustment

Head Conversions

High Flow Air System

Sealed Choke Screw Assemblies

Sliding Head Support Fork


Cycle Time Reduction Program

Uniloy Aftermarket Sustainability Strategy


Clamp Safety Doors

Machine Safety Retrofits Menu

Safety Video Program

Spanish/English Safety Signs

Cooling Bed Crossovers and Z Step Accessway

Hydraulic Clamp Safety System Enhancements