In addition to our facilities ISP 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certifications, Milacron Manufacturing maintains a variety of job and industry-specific certifications to ensure we can meet your exacting needs including liquid penetrant, magnetic particle testing, ultrasonic inspection and much more. We are committed to servicing our customers.  As your needs change, so will ours.  If you need additional certifications to meet your changing market we will do everything possible to acquire those certifications as quickly as possible.


Service Certificate Number Details
411 ASTM E1417 D1-4426 Penetrant Inspection
AA Penetrant GT193 P3TF2, P3TF44, P3TF47, NAS 410
AL EDDY Current GT193 P3TF21 CLASS A
AF Ultrasonics GT193 P3TF24 CL-A; P3TF22 CL-A
P3TF35 CL-A;P3TF42 CL-A, B, & C; P3TF30 CL-A
AB Magnetic Particle GT193 P3TF9, P3TF44
NAS 410
MT Magnetic Particle Report 70 AMS 2640; ASTM E1444; CP16.04; MIL-I-6868; MIL-STD-1949; PN16.04; HS31
PT Penetrant Report 70 AMS 2645; ASTM E1417; CP16.03; MIL-I-6866; MIL-STD-6866; PN16.03; P256; HS447
Certified Welding Services 1144374 AWS D1.1, AWS D9.1, AWS D1.3, WPS-1 and WPS-2 based on ASME Section 9


Equipment List:

Machine Quantity Size
Boring Mills 6 144 x 172
Machining Centers 20 96 x 96
Lathes 18 24 x 166
Mills 5 40 x 96
Drills 5 70 x 120
Millturns 2 24 x 120
Thread Mill 1 12 x 155
Hob 2 12 x 168
V.T.L. 4 84 x 90
O.D. Grinders 8 36 x 172
I.D. Grinders 7 60 x 27
Surface Grinders 2 42 x 120
CNC Profile Whirling 2 24 x 228