From a small screw shop in Cincinnati, Ohio to a global leader in plastics machinery manufacturing, Milacron has one of the most compelling histories in modern manufacturing times. Since its earliest days in 1860 and even up to the present, Milacron has shown its drive to innovate in every facet of its business.

Formal Apprentice class in 1907 – Mechanical Drawing and Mathematics



As an outcome of its drive to innovate, Milacron has continuously sought to share its insights and knowledge to not only customers, but those coming into the industries it occupies. To that end, Milacron has had a rich history of sponsoring and providing education and apprenticeship programs as far back as the early 1900’s with programs at the University of Cincinnati and other apprenticeship programs. In 1906, Milacron’s early commitment to education was foundational to its long term desire to bring new talent and perspectives into its businesses and the industry at large.

Milacron entered the plastics industry in August 1968 with its first lineup of injection molding machinery. Since then, Milacron has been an integral part in advancing the technology and machinery of the injection molding industry through collaboration, partnerships and education. In 1983, Milacron collaborated and partnered with a spin-off company from Fujitsu; known today as FANUC. The result was the industry’s first CNC-controlled all-electric injection molding machine that would later alter the very landscape of the injection molding industry. Known today as the Roboshot, its predecessors were born from Milacron’s willingness to help promote and progress the science and technology in the plastics industry.

First cooperative education class in the U.S., started at the University of Cincinnati in 1906.



These innovations have never been more apparent as those developed to promote and support our customers. With over 50 generations/series of injection, extrusion, and blow molding machines along with continuous improvements, enhancements and machine support, Milacron has proven its commitment to excellence in the plastics industry. That very same commitment to excellence is what drives Milacron to advance the education and collaboration around the science, the technology and service of the plastics industry machinery.

Even though the name of that small screw milling company in Cincinnati, Ohio has changed over the decades, the company’s commitment to education has not wavered. Today, Milacron contributes to secondary educational programs, college programs and apprenticeship programs around the country.

Milacron is proud to educate the next generation of innovators and service personnel in the plastics industry.

Milacron Academy: Apprenticeship Program


Milacron currently offers apprenticeship programs for the following position profiles:

  • Field Service Technician Apprentice

For more details about the programs listed above or to apply for the Milacron Apprenticeship Program go to or see your college career center.