Milacron Launches Advanced Technology Package

Efficiency improved with monitoring, remote service, and real-time data

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四月 18, 2014

Getting the right replacement parts for your machines is even easier with the introduction of Milacron’s new technology package. As part of the Milacron Aftermarket PART-nership program, the new technology is available now and designed to provide engineers, purchasing, and maintenance staff with digital resources that will help them see real-time data, diagnose issues, and order the right replacement parts online.

Milacron Aftermarket has taken the steps to bundle their three new technology tools: the Interactive Parts Catalog, Interactive Technical Manual™ , and Remote Monitoring Services. The PART-nership program is designed to support maintenance activities and provide quick access to parts for injection and extrusion machines at highly competitive prices; allowing for single-sourcing with the confidence and support of working with the original equipment manufacturer. Customers in the PART-nership program will have access to their Interactive Parts Catalog, and receive reduced cost options for the Interactive Technical Manual and Remote Monitoring Services, as they select those options.

“We are a technology company, and we see the tremendous value that online resources and customized digital information can provide for our customers,” Dean Roberts, president of Aftermarket at Milacron said. “By using this technology, customers can be confident they have ongoing access to needed replacement parts, and can access critical data about their machine processing and efficiency, which provides greater up-time.”

The Interactive Parts Catalog is online technology that allows purchasing managers and service technicians to access a customer-specific portal for their Milacron machines, no matter whether the machines are located in one place or in several facilities across the country. The catalog is searchable by serial or model number, part number, or description. Availability and custom pricing are updated in real time. Product renderings are available in 2D and 3D multimedia, including: photos, 3D renderings, 2D hot-spotted diagrams, and audio and video files. In addition to easily finding the correct product, the shopping cart function allows users to quickly and accurately order needed parts.

Milacron has also developed the industry’s first Interactive Technical Manual (ITM), designed as an online tool for efficient machine maintenance. Using a laptop or tablet, machine technicians can get immediate access to critical, detailed information about their plant equipment using graphical representations of the machines’ functional cycle stages, flow diagrams for troubleshooting and recommendations for issue resolution. The ITM also includes detailed instructional training videos for maintenance staff. Currently, the ITM is standard on the Magna T Servo and Maxima Servo lines, but it can be customized for other Milacron equipment.

Milacron also provides a suite of online and smartphone applications called Remote Monitoring Services (RMS). These applications provide real-time machine data and advanced analytics to maximize machine output. Using the online machine portal, engineers can access machine production speed, downtime, and key performance indicators from any location. In addition, Remote Monitoring Services includes remote maintenance support from a Milacron expert who can instantly connect to the machine, assess the condition, and perform necessary repairs.

Call 1-855-SERVTEK (1-800-288-8306) or contact a Milacron Sales Representative for more information.

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